About Us

The first XtremeGuard products were created in 2008 when the founders became impatient with the quality of existing screen protectors for cell phones. Knowing that better materials existed to protect electronic devices, the founders researched a high-quality, ultra-durable film based on the films designed to protect the leading blade edges of US military helicopters.

Aware that customers expect nothing but a quality product, XtremeGuard offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to curb any skepticism. With a satisfaction guarantee and reasonable prices, customers flocked to the new products. XtremeGuard was quickly flooded with testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers praising XtremeGuard for offering fair priced screen protectors for their valued devices.

Shortly after their initial success the founders realized that customers needed protection for more than just the screens of their devices. Full-body designs, covering all parts of a device, were added to the product line-up. Customers were enthused when they realized they could replace their bulky expensive cases for an ultra-thin, highly durable full-body wrap which would offer similar protection while maintaining a sleek ‘factory-finish’ look.

New designs are constantly being added to keep up with a rapidly changing and evolving marketplace. Currently XtremeGuard offers protection solutions for several hundred electronic devices including phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, e-readers, cameras, gaming systems, and much more!

The future of XtremeGuard is bright. The company continues to differentiate itself, to develop new products, and to strive to surpass customer’s expectations. XtremeGuard is truly changing the way the world thinks about protecting their electronic devices! Does your phone have Xtreme Protection?