Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector
*Free install kit ships with the purchase of a Full Body protector.
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Galaxy Note 4


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*Free install kit included with the purchase of a qualifying Full Body protector. Limit 1 Free kit per order. Additional install kits can be purchased here

Galaxy Note 4 Tips and Tricks

Multi Window

This feature allows you to have 2 different apps open and on the screen at the same time. You could be watching a video and send a text to a friend, or reviewing a presentation from work and taking notes. To start this, tap and hold the back button and a small menu will pop up showing what app you can use. Tap and drag one into the screen and then add one more.

Easy Mode

If you are new to the smartphone world, or you just don’t like having lots of things on your homescreens making things a bit more complicated, the Galaxy Note 4 has an Easy Mode. Easy Mode does exactly what you might think, it makes the layout of the phone just a bit easier. It brings your most used apps, settings, and contacts right to the main homescreens. It also makes it really easy to add different contacts or apps to these screens. To enable Easy Mode, go to Settings, Easy Mode, Select Easy Mode.

One-handed mode

Still not quite used to that big screen? Try using One-handed mode! This gives you the ability to resize the screen and place it on either side of the phone making it easier to reach the entire screen with one hand.

Car mode

We all know how distracting phones can be while driving. Luckily, Samsung has included a Car mode into the Galaxy Note 4 and it can be accessed easily in the Quick Settings. Once enabled, it allows for greater voice control. Saying ‘Hi Galaxy’ will allow you to make or answer phone calls, send messages, use navigation, and listen to music. If your car has bluetooth or an AUX input, this will be even more useful, as it will play through your cars speakers.

IR Blaster

At the top of the phone, Samsung added an IR blaster. This allows you to control your TV and other home entertainment equipment. Go into your apps and tap on the Watch On app. This will be able to learn the codes needed for your TV and other entertainment equipment and also has a built in TV guide.

Fast Charging

The Galaxy Note 4 comes with a Fast Charger right in the box. This will get your phone from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes. So if you have a few minutes of spare time and need a quick charge, this will definitely be handy.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Not quite the end of the day and getting low on battery? The Galaxy Note 4 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode. In the Quick Settings you can turn on Ultra Power Saving Mode. This will limit the background data used by apps and puts the screen in grayscale mode turning the screen to black and white using less battery. This will help you to get the end of the day or whenever you can get to your charger.

Fingerprint Scanner

Jealous of your friends with Touch ID on their iPhones? Don’t be! The Galaxy Note 4 comes with a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. To set it up, go to Settings, Lock screen, Screen lock, Fingerprint. This will allow you to unlock the phone with just your finger.

S Pen

The biggest difference in the Note 4 from other phones is the S Pen. This gives you the benefits of writing down notes on your phone easier, selecting multiple files quickly, and even drawing on pictures or screenshots.

Touch Sensitivity

Found in the Quick Settings, turning on Touch Sensitivity allows you to use multiple objects on the touch screen including and actual pencil or pen, a pen cap, the end of your headphones, or even while wearing gloves.

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