LG G3 Screen Protector
LG G3 Screen Protector
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LG G3 Tips and Tricks

Knock Code

One of the very noticeable design feature on the G3 is having all the buttons on the back of the phone. While this is nice when hold the phone in one hand, it makes it a bit more difficult when trying to use the phone if it is laying on a table or desk. Thankfully, LG has added what is called Knock Code. This feature allows you to tap on the screen in the pattern that you set up to wake or even unlock the device. To set this up, go to Settings, Lock screen, Select screen lock, Knock Code.

One-Handed Mode

Using the big screen on the G3 is great. But for some, it may be a bit much. As with other manufacturers, LG has made it easier with a One-Handed mode. This makes typing and other features easier to do with one hand, sliding the keyboard to either the right or left, depending on which hand you want to use. Go to Settings, One-handed operation, and check the boxes for the different options you want to use it.

Dual Window

To take even more advantage of the large 5.5” screen on the G3, be sure to try out Dual Window mode. This allows you to have multiple apps running on the screen at the same time. For example, you could be watching a YouTube video while texting your friends. Or taking notes while looking at pictures. To access Dual Window mode just tap and hold the back button.


Another way to take advantage of the big screen is with Qslide. This is a different way to have multiple apps open at the same time. But with this, instead of 2 apps using the screen at the same time, this puts the apps in separate windows that ‘float’ on top of one another. Just pull down the notification drawer and tap on Qslide to open a menu allowing you to open the video, phone, calendar, email and messaging apps on top of whatever you are doing.

Battery Saver

The battery saver mode on the G3 works a lot like other battery saver modes found on other phones. Turning it on will limit the background data used by apps and help stretch the battery as far as it can. In Settings, go to Battery, Battery Saver to turn it on. You can also set up to have it automatically turn on when the battery hits a specified percentage between 50% and 10%.

Change the Navigation Buttons

One of the benefits to on-screen buttons is their ability to change or even disappear in certain situations. LG has gone one step further and made it so you can customize the bottom row of buttons. Go to Settings, Display, Home Touch Buttons,

Quick Access to the Camera

Being able to quickly access the camera on your smartphone is something a lot of people look for. With the G3, just hold the volume down button while the phone is off or the lock screen is on and this will open directly to the camera to quickly snap those pictures.

Use the Remote

The LG G3 has an IR Blaster built in at the top of the phone. This allows you to control your TV, cable box, stereo and surround sound system and other home entertainment equipment. In Apps, open Quick Remote, pick a room, tap on the + to add a remote for the desired devices.

Clean up Apps and Storage

If your G3 starts to run a little slower than it used be, go to Settings, Smart Cleaning. This will scan your phone for unused files and apps that are taking up space. Here you can easily delete this files or apps if you want to, making the phone run smoother and faster.

Laser Focus

Even with the new 13MP lens and the 4K video capability, those aren’t the best thing about the G3’s camera. LG put in a laser focus allowing the camera to focus on the subject of your pictures or videos super fast and be able to get the shot even quicker.

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