HTC One M8 Screen Protector
HTC One M8 Screen Protector
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HTC One M8


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HTC One M8 Tips and Tricks

Customize App Drawer

Most phones don’t allow for many changes, if any, to the app drawer. With the One M8, you are given a few different options you may want to look into. You can change the order in which your apps appear, whether alphabetically, most recently downloaded, or arrange them yourself. You can create custom folders, hide applications, and change the grid size from the standard 3 x 4 to 4 x 5.

Choose where to Focus after taking picture

In case you haven’t noticed, the One M8 comes with two rear facing cameras. One of the features this gives is better depth in pictures. One way to take advantage of this by changing the focal point of a picture after you’ve taken it. By selecting a photo of your choice in the gallery app, click on the Edit option, Effects, UFocus. With this, you can tap anywhere on the picture and that part will be in focus and the rest will be blurred. You can choose anywhere on the picture and then save it.


Becoming more and more popular with manufacturers, the One M8 has a IR Blaster at the top of the phone allowing you to control your TV, cable box, and other home entertainment equipment. Open up the TV app that comes preinstalled on the phone and follow the instructions to start using your phone as an easy to use universal remote!

Kid Mode

Kid Mode is a great tool if you have little kids that are always wanting to use your phone to play games or watch videos. To enter Kid Mode, press and hold the Power Button and a menu will pop up with different options, select Kid Mode. While in Kid Mode, you can select which apps you want your kids to have access to. There are also preinstalled apps and videos age appropriate. And they can’t get out without having the year of your birth and a PIN that you set up.

Customize/ Disable BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed is a widget found on the page to the left of the main home screen. If you swipe over one more time it brings up a menu that allows you to customize this with different news, weather and social media apps. You can also change the color theme to what you want. Although this can be a nice and often used feature, some people may want to remove it. To do so, just tap and hold on a blank space on the home screen. A menu of options will pop up, tap on Manage Home Screen Pages, swipe over to BlinkFeed and tap on Remove at the bottom of the screen.

Flip to Mute a Call

There are a few different gesture and motion features built into this phone. But one of the cool ones is the ability to mute a phone call just by flipping the phone screen side down. This doesn’t ignore the call, it just mutes the ringer. You can then choose to answer or let it go to voicemail.

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