Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" (2012) Screen Protector
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0" Screen covers
*Free install kit ships with the purchase of a Full Body protector.
Limit 1 Free kit per order. Additional install kits can be purchased HERE

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" (2012)

Your valuable device is important and should be protected. XtremeGuard's protectors are best in class for quality and durability as well as pricing.

  • XtremeGuard's Shield-Heal™ Technology helps conceal and erase existing scratches on your device and can 'heal' itself from future abuse.
  • XtremeGuard's 60 day satisfaction guarantee is enough alone to set your mind at ease when looking to buy, couple that with the XtremePrices and choosing these protectors becomes a no brainer.
  • Replace your bulky expensive case for an ultra-thin, highly durable full-body wrap which will provide a more sleek 'factory finished' look to your device.
  • XtremeGuard's protectors are not only virtually imperceptible, but they also create more grip so it's easier to hold onto your device.
  • XtremeGuard's massive product line-up can cover virtually any device. If you don't see what you're looking for, let XtremeGuard know. You may inspire a new design.
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*Free install kit included with the purchase of a qualifying Full Body protector. Limit 1 Free kit per order. Additional install kits can be purchased here

Amazon Fire Tablet Tips and Tricks

Amazon FreeTime

Just like any device you probably own, kids are always wanting to use them. Amazon has thought about this and made a special mode just for kids on their Fire tablets called FreeTime. This allows parents more control of what their kids can and can’t do while using these tablets. You can choose which apps, books, movies, and music your kids are allowed to view. You can even set special timers for when they need to stop. To set this up, tap on the FreeTime icon. This will help you go through the steps in setting up individual profiles your each child.

Free App of the Day

The Fire tablets come with Amazons Fire OS and the Amazon App Store preinstalled. One of the benefits of this is each day Amazon gives away a paid app for free. Most of the time these apps are already going for only $.99, but they do throw in a more pricey app sometimes. Either way, this feature is definitely worth looking at each day.

Remove apps from Carousel

The built in Carousel on the home screen of the Fire tablets can definitely be a useful thing. Putting all of your recently opened/ used apps, movies, or other files. But sometimes you may not want something to be right there at the front, or maybe you accidentally tapped on the wrong icon. To remove these from your Carousel, tap and hold on the app you want to remove until a menu pops up. Tap on ‘Remove from Carousel’ and the app will be removed.

1-Tap Archive

If you are starting to run a little low on storage, Amazon has made it really easy to help with this. With 1-Tap Archive, it will quickly identify which apps you have not used within the past week or longer and archive them into your Amazon cloud storage to free up the storage on your device. You will still be able to have these apps available by re-downloading them from your archived apps without having to repurchase them.

Battery Percentage

Owning a device like this is great. But running out of battery is not. Making it easier to know exactly where your battery is at can help you know when you’re still good, or when you need to run to a charger. Amazon’s tablets, by default do not show the battery percentage. But they have made it easy for you to enable this. Go to Settings, Device, and slide the icon next to ‘Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar’ to on.

Hide Recommendations in Carousel

Another feature built in to the OS is recommendations under files in the Carousel. While these might be helpful sometimes, they can also become annoying and start to seem more like ads rather than recommendations. If you want to remove these, go to Settings, Home Screen, then disable Show/Hide Recommendations.