Alcatel OneTouch Smartwatch Screen Protector
Alcatel OneTouch Smartwatch Screen Protector
*Free install kit ships with the purchase of a Full Body protector.
Limit 1 Free kit per order. Additional install kits can be purchased HERE


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Alcatel OneTouch Smartwatch

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*Free install kit included with the purchase of a qualifying Full Body protector. Limit 1 Free kit per order. Additional install kits can be purchased here

Android Wear Tips and Tricks

Undo Dismiss notifications

Getting notifications on your wrist is one of the best features with Android wear. And swiping between these notifications is very simple and smooth. But you may accidentally swipe a notification away without meaning to. Luckily, Android Wear gives you a few seconds to simply tap an Undo icon to bring it back.

Offline Music

Listening to music with Android wear is also really easy. By going into the Google Play Music app, go into Settings and tap Download to Android Wear. This allows for offline use without using your phone. Just connect bluetooth headphones or speaker to your Android Wear watch to listen.

3rd Party Watch faces

With the latest version of Android Wear, Google has given the ability for you to download 3rd party watch faces from the Play Store. This gives you an extremely wide variety of watch faces to make your Android Wear a lot more personal.

Turn off Phone Sounds

Getting notifications on your watch is really cool. But getting them on both your phone and watch can get annoying. Google has made it so you can turn of sounds and vibrations on your phone when connected to your watch. Just open the Android Wear app, go to Settings, and tap Mute connected phone.

Google Now

Google Now is probably the most used feature with any Android device. Giving you timely information right when you need it. This is what Android Wear is built around. Not only do you get any of your regular notifications that you want, it will also give you everything in your Google Now feed. Along with that, it gives you the ability to search, or open apps, or message people by just saying ‘OK Google.’


One thing Google has been known for for a long time is Google Maps. Putting that on to smartphones was a huge step in navigating easily around new places. Now Google has made it even easier by putting that same navigation on to your wrist. No matter how you’re getting around, using Google Navigation on your watch is super easy and convenient to use.

Track Your Steps

Another big benefit to the smartwatch is the ability to keep track of your steps without having to have a completely different device. Android Wear watches have built in pedometers to keep track of the steps you’ve taken and how far you’ve traveled during your day. It can also tell the difference between running and running and let you know how far and how many minutes you’ve done of each.

Take a Photo

If you have the Google Camera app on your phone, Android Wear can pair up with this and work as a remote. This makes it a little easier to get the perfect selfie or put your phone down and get in a picture with a group of friends. Once you’ve tapped the capture button, a 3 second countdown will show on your watch and then it will vibrate letting you know that the picture has been taken.