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Tablet Screen Protectors | Tablet Full Body Protectors | Tablet Skins

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Apple iPad Pro Tablet Screen Protector
Price: $24.99

Apple iPad Air 2 Screen Protector
Price: $24.99

Apple iPad Air Screen Protector
Price: $24.99


Smart Phone Wallet by XtremeGuard
Price: $24.99

Silver Series - Black EarBuds by XtremeGuard
Price: $29.99

SmartPhone/Tablet KickStand by XtremeGuard
Price: $29.99

Apple iPad Mini 3 Screen Protector
Price: $24.99

Gold Series Ear Buds by XtremeGuard
Gold Series - Black EarBuds by XtremeGuard
Price: $69.99

HTC Nexus 9 Tablet Screen Protector
Price: $24.99

Flozu Red Line Ear Buds by XtremeGuard
Flozu Red Line Black EarBuds
Price: $99.99


Tablet Screen Protectors | Tablet Full Body Protectors | Tablet Skins

Tablet accessories should include protection with PREMIUM XtremeGuard Tablet screen covers!

  • Tablets should be protected with Tablet full-body screen protectors.
  • Your Tablets should be preserved with our high-clarity, invisible screen protection. Purchase Tablet cases today to guard your device!
  • The best Tablet screen guards you can purchase for your devices! XtremeGuard Tablet skins last for up to 3 years!
  • Our new Shield-Heal™ Technology allows our Tablet shields to conceal and erase existing scratches on your displays!

“Tablets are such a huge and growing portion of the personal electronics universe. The iPad really woke people up to the possibilities. Manufacturers have been trying for years to put out a product that would work in that genre, but it is truly the synthesis of the cell phone capabilities and pc power that will dominate the day in the end. Of course, all those tablets will need to be protected, since (unlike pcs) they are being carted around to the park and the beach, school and work. Just like there is a big market for cellphone screen protectors, we recognize that demand will be even greater for tablets, since they are typically going to represent a larger investment on the part of the consumer. We’ve watched with interest as the traditional cell phone screen cover manufacturers have adapted to the new reality, and have been impressed with XtremeGuard. They have a broad variety and array of products, including those specifically targeted to tablets, including tablet screen protectors, tablet full body protectors, tablet skins, tablet cases, tablet clear cases, tablet screen covers, tablet screen guards, tablet shields and tablet screen shields. Their product has always been consistently high-quality, reasonably priced, and shows up instantly when we order it. You should try it!”