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Gold Series Ear Buds by XtremeGuard

Product Specifications:

-Length: 6 inches.
-3.5mm plug
-Plug and Play.
-Connects home stereos, sound cards and portable speakers.
-Compatible with virtually all smart phones, tablets, computers and audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Product Specifications:

-Length: 4 inches fully retracted and 2 1/2 feet fully extended.
-3.5mm plug-to-3.5mm plug
-Plug and Play.
-Connects home stereos, sound cards and portable speakers.
-Compatible with virtually all smart phones, tablets, computers and audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack.

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Pantech accessories include protection for your devices with PREMIUM XtremeGuard Pantech screen protectors and full body skins.

  • Our line of Pantech accessories spans the range of Pantech products. Whether you are looking for screen protectors, or would like a full body skin to wrap your entire device, XtremeGuard can provide the protection you are looking for. Our military-grade film is the toughest and best way to ensure your valuable Pantech electronics are guarded from scratches and scuffs that could damage your devices or harm your Pantech experience.
  • Our new Shield-Heal™ Technology allows our Pantech screen protectors to conceal and erase existing scratches on your display!